Krekalon ML40

Krekalon ML40 - a new generation of heat shrinkable bags made using innovative materials and technologies.
Manufacturer: Krehalon
Purpose:  Cheeses without maturation, Cheeses with maturation
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Krekalon ML40


  • Cheese without ripening;
  • Hard and semi-hard cheese.

    Structure of Krehalon ML40 bags ensures a unique set of qualities and provides high gas permeability and vapor permeability while preserving excellent strength and translucency. Besides the technology of manufacturing of Кrehalon ML40 bags excludes the use of chlorine materials, which correspond to modern requirements on the minimization of package waste influence onto the environment balance.

    Кrehalon ML40 bags pack, protect and represent your product in most attractive and advantageous way. 

    The technology of Krehalon ML40 bags by virtue of heat shrinkage and excellent optical qualities always ensure sufficient stretching force and "glass-like" second skin translucency to any of your products .

    ML40 bags have the following advantages:

    High puncture strength - lets to reliably pack "difficult" products, for example, meat on bone.

    High barrier qualities by oxygen - ensures long term of shelf llife.

    Minimal vapor permeability - lets to minimize moisture loss while storing of the product.

    High thermo shrinkable qualities while ensuring even shrinkage in all directions - shrinkage at temperature 95 °С not below 40% without deforming of print design proportions.

    Excellent "glass" translucency and glossiness - lets to demonstrate the product in most attractive way.

    Minimal thickness and absence of chlorine substances - reduces pressure on factors destabilizing the environment.

    Easy thermo sealing - lets to reliably seal the bags on any thermo sealing equipment, reducing manufacturing expenses by reducing of leakage, devacuumizing and repackaging.

    Absence of adhesion - if the bags come into contact with each other in a vacuum chamber, they do not stick together while being vacuumized, what lets to simultaneoulsly vacuumize a large quantity of bags and increase manufacturing productivity of a vacuumizing equipment.

    Wide range of type sizes - lets to reliably ensure any of your needs and conditios of a vacuum packaging for any products produced by you.

    Types and flat width range

     Кrehalon ML40 bags differ by types depending on the function and caliber:

    type G - caliber 40 micron;

    type I - caliber 50 micron;

    type K - caliber 70 micron;

    type Т - caliber 90 micron;

    type U - caliber 90 micron, but with higher puncture strength than type Т;

    type Х - caliber 130 micron.

    Type G is the most economic variant, suitable for most standard applications. If you need special conditions of packaging and transportaion of non-standard and special products, consult your manager to choose the most suitable to your needs type of a bag.

    Flat width of bags can vary from 90 up to 550 mm. Standard flgs (in mm) are:

    165, 180, 200, 230, 250, 280, 300, 325, 350, 375, 400, 450, 500, 550.


    Кrehalon ML40 bags can be produced with the following variants of a seam position:

    • straight side seams;
    • straight bottom seam;
    • semi-circular bottom seam.

    Bas with straight bottom seams (ML40-S) are available in flat width range from 90 up to 450 мм length from 165 up to 550 mm (depending on flat width of a roll).

    Bags with straight bottom seam (ML40-R) are available in flat width from 165 up to 550 mm (depending on flat width of a roll), length from 200 up to 1100 mm (with the step of 25 mm).

    Bags with semi-circular bottom seam (ML40-B) are available in flat width from 165 up to 500 mm, length from 200 up to 1300 mm (with the step of 25 mm).

    Bags ML 40-B and ML 40-S can be delivered sticked onto the tape. The following sizes of the bags are available:

    ML 40-B - flat width from 165 up to 500 mm and length from 325 up to 900 mm;

    ML 40-S - flat wdth from 100 up to 350 mm and length from 165 up to 550 mm.

    Standard parametres of sticking to the tape:

    step (distance between the bags) - 40 mm;

    distance between the tapes- 1/3 of nominal width for flat width less than 180 mm and ½ of nominal width for flat width from 180 up to 450.


    There can be applied multi-colored and full-colored printing on both sides from 1 up to 10 colors.

    Preparation of bags to use

    Packages with bags should be open immediately before use. It is not recommended to open the package with bags earlier than 30 minutes before use.

    Choosing of the appropriate bag size

    To identify the appropriate width of the bag (K) it is required to measure the perimeter of the product being packed in its brodest part (Рmax width). The calculation of the bag width is made by formula:

    K = Pmax width× 0,55 (mm)

    To identify the length of the bag (L) it is required to measure the perimeter of the product being packed (Рmax length) in its broadest part. The calculation of the bag length is made by formula:

    L = Pmax length/ 2 + 80 (100) mm

    In case of clipping of a bag it is required to increase the calculated value of the bag length L for 100 mm more (to ensure the best clipping).

    If you have any difficulties or hesitations while choosing of the bag size, consult your manager for information.

    Preparation of the product for packaging

    Before packaging core temperature of the product should be not below 0 °С and not above 4 °С.

    Prepared product should be immediately directed for packaging.


    For packaging of the products into Krehalon THM bags there can be used almost any vacuum equipement.

    The zone of sealing should always be clean.

    Place necessary quality of the product for packaging into the bag and put into a vacuum machine chamber. The productin the bag should be placed as much closer as possible to the thermo sealing film for layout improvement and closest covering of the product.

    Check if desirable vacuum is reached in the bag. Check the quality of a sealing. It should be unbroken, with sealing element of the packaging machine printout. Presence of ribs is not aceeptable.

    The bag can be closed by clipping. The size of a clip depends on the bag size. The clip should be chosen to fully cover thebunch of bags not damaging it, and "legs" of a clip should be placed parallel to each other.

    If you need the consultation or assistance concerning the equipment adjustment and expendables use, address your manager.

    Thermo shrinkage

    Thermo shrinkage is fulfilled by dipping of the bag with the product into hot water or spraying of the bag with the product by hot water at temperature not less than 95 °С for 2-3 seconds.

    Storage of the product packed in Кrehalon ML40 bags

    It is recommended to place the product packed in ML40 bag into cooling chamber not later than 20 minutes after the packaging at temperature not above 6 °С.

    After that the product packed in Кrehalon bags, is stored at temperature 4-2 °С and relative humidity 80-85%.

    Terms of storage are set on the basis and in accordance with acting normative documents.

    Storage and transportaion of Кrehalon ML40 bags

    1. Bags should be stored in dry and clean premises, which correspond to sanitary-hygienic norms set for a specific sphere of food industry. Temperature in the premises should not exceed 25 °С, relative humidity not above 60%. The best conditions of storage are temperature 15-20 °С and relative humidity 50-60 %.

    2. Durinf storage and transportation it is recommended to avoid boxes with bags  воздействию of high temperature (above 25 °С) and direct sunlight.

    3. It is strictly prohibited to throw and hit boxes with bags. It is not allowed to stock the boxes with bags more than 7.

    4. Bags, which were stored at temperature below 0 °С, should be kept before use at room temperature not less than 24 hours long without opening of manufacturer's packaging.

    5. Store the bags in a manufacturer's packaging.

    6. Guaranteed shelf life of the bags - 1 year.

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