Seminar for meat-processers in Holland

Seminar for meat-processers in Holland

In the end of October there took place the first seminar for meat-processers in Netherlands, organized by the companies Logos and Krehalon aimed at precise acquaintance of their clients with the technologies and production facilities of Krehalon company concerning the production of films and bags for the meat product packaging.

In the context of the seminar guests visited Krealon plant famous world-wide for producing packaging thermo shrinkable materials in accordance with the technologies, worked out by the specialists of the Japan concern Kourea. Specialists of Krehalon company carried on a detailed tour to the workshops of the plant and told about the peculiarities and quality of the product produced.

Further the participants of the seminar visited the machine-building enterprise Sealpac, producing thermo forming equipment for packaging different food product, where specialists of the company presented their new solution - thermo forming machines for the technology Form Shrink, applied using shrinkable thermo forming films Krehalon FS550 and FS90. Unique structure of such films let create wide range of gas and liquid barriers with increased flexibility, strength and ability of the so-called "deep" extraction, and optical qualities of the films let immaculately represent any product to be packed.

To get the overall impression about thermo forming machines represented in the market and about new technologies of second packaging of meat-processing plants product, the participants also visited Multivak company office in Holland and major meat-processing plant in Holland Boer & Zn, dealing in packaging of the cold meat on the equipment Multivak using the technology Form Shrink.

And, of course, during the trip to Hollland we could't avoid visiting Amsterdam - we were walking through the city and sailing on a motorship along many of the city channels, we were to Madame Tussauds place and in the flower market,  - and successfully finished this wonderful trip by the supper in a local restaurant sharing experience got  while visiting this amazing country!




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