Who invited sausages?


A sausage (originated from Fr. saucisse) - a sausage product, whih is manufactured from chopped (minced) meat of animals, poultry (or their substitutes. Wikipedia


Sausages: boiled, fried, pigs in a blanket, hot-dogs...Perhaps, evebody likes such a sausage product. And do you know who invited sausages?


The butcher from Vienna Ioganne Lunner by name wentdown into history as the inventor of a sausage product so much liked by everibosynow. On November, 13th of 1805 he named the contemporary sausage as a "frankfurter", what means "viennese". A year before Ioganne Lunner had moved from Frankfurt into the city of Vienna where he had been managing a small shop. These cities have continued arguing until now in which city a famous sausage product had been invented.


However, the history of a ausage had started earlier, reference to this product can be read in Odyssey by Homer. Almost two thousand years before the people also enjoyed by the taste of this meat product. But in vienners there was for the first time used the mixture of beaf and pork - the recepy, by which th contemporary sausages are being made.


Sausages became the main ingredient of German kitchen.


The residents of Gesseldorf in Bavaria memorized its fellow-countryman and erected a memorial to the 225th anniversary from the date of its birth - a bronze man "gives a sausage as a treat" to bypassers. The image os so realistic that you can even see a mustard covering  frankfurter. The history of a sausage can be read on the postament.




In Soviet Union a mass manufacturing of sausages was started in 1936, when the People's Committee of food industry Anastas Mikoyan signed a decree about the manufacturing of new sausage products. The same period in Moscow, Leningrad, Engels, Sverdlovsk there were built more than twenty large meat procewssing plants, equipped by contemporary facilities.


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