January, 17th - Sausage makers' and butchers' Day

January, 17th - Sausage makers' and butchers' Day

On January, 17th января all the progressive industry community of meat processors celebrate the Day of St. Antony – an old european holiday of sausage makers and butchers.

The abbot St. Antony by name (San Anton), being one of the most revered saint in Europe, is a patron and a protector of all domestic animals.

This day, fulfilled by special symbolism, was the start of loudy feasts, fancy-dress parades and bright carnivals, in some places holidays were held especially widespread and ceremonially and in some places especially unusual.

For example, in France all the sausage makers from the very morning went to a church accompanying by pigs, washed and decorated by flowers, which were deemed to be slaughtered and which sausages were to be made.

In Italy a week before the holiday sausage makers competed the following way: they decorated store windows by the biggest and the most appetizing ham.

In Spain, for example, where by the way until now they seriously treat such a holiday, there are being held the ceremonies of domestic animals blessing. Thousands of Spaniards take their pets to the church, and the priests water by saint water cats and dogs, tortoises and canary birds.

Celebrations on Saint Antony's Day take such an amplitude that in Madrid, for example, recently they have started to stop the traffic in the central part of the city.


Genuine culture is composed from traditions! Let us borrow the best!



Yours, «LOGOS»



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