Today it is impossible to imagine oneself a product in the market without an original, atrractive and memorable packing. It's not a secret anymore that in some cases it is "a casing" that sells a product.
Quality packing is a quarantee of commercial success of the product in the market, that's why meat processing plants, as a rule, use a marking made by individual design and having direct relation to the promoted brand or the significant event. At first, this is determined by the necessity of bright and unusul "representation" of its oroduct on the shop shelves, especially at pre-holiday period. 

Of course, it is worth remembering about the intended use of any product marking – to satisfy the consumer in obtaining full and, what is more important, true information about the product, its composition, properties, ways of storage, etc., often stipulated by law. Now in information boom era, fashion on awareness and availability of any information a consumer, as never before, is attentively examining goods packing before buying. 

But strategically oriented manufacturer of sausage products, seriously minding its status in the market, is unlikely to stop at «necessary and sufficient» as per normative documents and requirements. More likely, he will go further and will use all the possibilities, which can be accompanied by personalization of the product.
Besides, marking will make the product more «live» and close to a consumer, it lets represent the product as an individual trade mark with its unique and recognizable face. 
Bright casing of a specialty product not only can attract attention to it and arouse interest but also can stimilate a concrete wish of a consumer to "get acquainted" with the product. For a product or for a manufacturer having their "names", well-known in the market thanks to the quality, a brand casing plays the role of a business card. 

Marking can help a consumer to identify a favourite trade mark, to recognise that very sausage – «mine», «dear» sausage. This is profitable to any of all "food" chain" participants. A consumer has the possiblity to quickly and faultlessly choose among variety of sausage products represented what is tasty and useful for him/her. Trade points - to optimize the assortment of trade marks purchased in the frames of one goods category, thus raising turnover by means of quick sale of liquid positions. A manufacturer – to create him/herself a name and reputation, which will start working for him/her day by day - from one product to another .
So summing up all mentioned above, we would like to resume about profits of a marking casing use for sausage products and about a manufacurer's issues which it helps to solve every day.


– helps to identify represented trade marks of different manufacurers of sausage products;
– creates quality standards, inherent to a manufacturer, which an end consumer can retranslate him/herself to all the product range manufactured;
– acts as a quality quarantee, protects a manufacturer's reputation, letting to exclude false produts;
– is one of the most effective ways of a product presentation in the place of its selling and one of the ways of its promoting in highly competitive surrounding;
– finally it trivially improves end product layout.
Marking of sausage products requires thoughtful and attentive approach and starts long before the moment of its technical realization on printing equipment – from graphic working out of the idea. Our company possesses its own design-studio and offers design services on any level of complexity: from the preparation of makeups to full branding of new products. Our designers have a vast practical experience of preparation of makeups of marking for packing materials for meat products and cheese. Everything in our design studio is subordinated to the main target – to create marking, which will encourage the decision of a consumer to give a favour to your product! 

But you should remember about the technical side of an issue in the process of marking of a sausage casing. Fundamentals which constitute everything – clear representation, maximum information content and high quality of realization.
We suggest to our clients services of high quality flexographic printing to all kinds of sausage casings being marked: polyomide, collagen, fibrouse for all kinds of cooked, dried and smoked sausage products. The newest printing equipment lets to apply up to six kinds of printing colors at once. Besides, our company has the possibility to offer our clients full-colored printing of any level of complexity, and own cliche machine significantly speeds up your order terms. 


Yours, «LOGOS».


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