House divided against itself cannot stand

House divided against itself cannot stand

Meat-Processing industry is going through a bad stretch now. The majority of the Meat-Processors are sandwiched between Scylla of price increase for freash meat galloping from the beginning of current year (firstly, for pork and back fat, and secondly for poultry) and Charybdis of real and administrative restrictions of possibility for prime cost increase on a product being manufactured. In this very situation who else but The National Union of Meat-Processors (NUM) must throw its weight behind its participants and meat-processing industry in general. Along with crysis development a great work was done: we tried to shape up a problem for regulatory authorities and leaders of the country. However, due to globality of the goals, which had been set, Senior executives of NUM decided to wider a circle of enterprises concerned. For this purpose there was organized All-Russia Conference among Meat-Processors, it took place on October, 7th 2014 during Agroprodmash 2014 Exhibition. 59 representatives of different enterprises took part in the Conference. 

After considering the results of this work there was adopted "The Plan for Corporate Actions of Meat-Processors under Price crysis bailout", and written Request to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Arkadiy Dvorkovich "About the Risk of Meat-Prtocessing Industry Default". Please find below the Plan and copies of written Request.

We as members of NUM from the very moment of the foundation of NUM appeal to all our clients to join our initiative and stop speculative increase of prices for fresh meat, to avoid strangle life of the industry!

Please find here the Plan for Corporate Actions of Meat-Processors under Price crysis bailout and copies of written Request adressed to Vladimir Putin and Arkadiy Dvorkovich:


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