Dairy Week

Dairy Week

From June, 15th until June, 19th 2015 in Uglich, on the basis of All-Russia Institute of Butter and Cheese-Making there took place the scientific and practical Conference called "Dairy Week", in which the representatives from over 60 companies were taking part, those being connected with milk processing and manufacturing of dairy products and cheese, and also ingredients and raw materials suppliers supporting the technological process.

It was noted that despite the actions of political character to promote home manufacturing development, the industry is "on the burning platform" because of lack or high cost of raw metarials, weak technical re-equipment and other negative factors. Besides, the meeting showed that in different regions of the country there appeared new - eventhough small - enterprises which were producing dairy products and cheese of high quality to have a stable Customer's demand.

In the frames of the Conference, apart from reports and discussions, the address to the Government of the country about the necessity of additional measures to support home manufacturers was accepted.

Logos company as a participant of "Dairy Week" presented packaging materials for cheese, and also the product made in its branch office in Yaroslavl - a paraffin covering for cheese called Logosplav. Vitaliy Smurygin, Sales Director of Logos company, told about new products and presented the article in the magazine "Say Cheese!", devoted to cheese packaging.


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