June, 19th 2015 there took place Regular Joint Meeting of NSM, or "National Union of Meat-Processors", with is Anatoliy V. Morozov as the Chairman.

As usual, the first item on the agenda was new members acceptance. This time the Union was joined by three enterprises, among them are:

Meat-processing plant "Atyashevskiy" 

TAVR - Rostov Sausage manufactturing 

Meat-processing plant "Cherepovetskiy"

Also there was discussed such a topic as the price increase for raw metarials. The Union menbers and independent experts disputed about the supposed "behavior" of the prices in the nearest future.

Other important questions were discussed.

The membership of working group to organize the Second Russian Conference for Owners and Chief Managers of Meat-Processing Enterprises which will take place on October, 7th 2015 in the frames of Agroprodmash 2015 Exhibition was appointed.


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