May has been marked by IFFA, the most significant event in meat-processing industry. The Exhibition took place in Frankfurt, Germany, hosting as usual the representatives from all over the world.

Run-down in the quantity of Russians present, which was vivid this year, had been forecasting and non-surprising, but in general the exhibition passed as productive and in a positive way, and even "made our day" by several novelties, suggested by our partners.

The main happening for our company was the restart of partnership with Viscofan SA., the world leader in the production of artificial casings. Viscofan company is very popular in the world, which great flow of visitors to their booth had proven during opening days of the Fair. In the frames of IFFA, Viscofan presented its novelty - EWD-KD, a non-edible collagen casing with 20-22 mm inner ring, which successfully remedies the problem of a pinch. Now You can order 32 and 34 mm calibers of this casing.

Krehalon company, our Dutch partner, gratified everybody by new corporate style and some novelties, such as big bags for carcass packing having the weight up to 500 kg, and 2 products for packing chilled meat, the first being a high-barrier material which lets to prolong the terms of chilled meat shelf-life for several times, and the second being Secondary Seal material, preventing blood and meat juice penetration into the packing seals. That means all liquid staying inside not contacting with seals.

In general, there was not a great change in packaging materials market, those present at IFFA were the same manufacturers as previous years, and packaging solutions presented were traditional enough.

We can notice the tendency of substitution of hand packing by automatic lines, for example the bags by flow-pack films. This tendency has been traced in Russian market for several years already.  Also the manufacturers are aimed at the materials letting to save fresh, presentable appearance and quality of the product  as long as possible.

At IFFA You could find a lot of suggestions on packing solutions which were to be used in microwave ovens, i. e. for ready-to-use products. It is proposed that contemporary women do not have enough time for full-time cooking and that’s why they are suggested to use the products which can be simply  warmed up in a microwave or bake oven. 

One more important event, our company being the participant of, was INSCA Exhibition which had been taking place in Madrid, Spain, from May 11th till May, 14 th 2016.

INSCA is a unique International Association of manufacturers and suppliers of natural sausage casings, Logos being the member of it.

The main tendencies of the Exhibition was again the run-down in the quantity of Russian participants and increase in prices for hog casings due to raw material shortage and consumption growth, what proved the right  policy for import substitution in this market segment.

We would like to remind You that our company is a Russian manufacturer and has its own manufacturing line for sorting, calibration and pre-sale preparing of a natural hog casing. Full assortment, stable quality and attractive price of natural hog casings, suggested by Logos, is a non-disputable advantage over foreign analogues.


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