Results of the Agroprodmash exhibition

Results of the Agroprodmash exhibition
Two weeks ago, the main business platform of food industry - the Agroprodmash exhibition -  gathered the majority of market participants at the Expocentre Fairgrounds: 860 companies from 34 countries took part in it. According to the organizers data, the exhibition had been visited by more than 24 thousand people. The figures turned out to be impressive, testifying, first of all, the respect to this traditional event, as well as  the unceasing interest in it of the specialists.
This is, for sure, an important factor, calling on exhibitors, especially the leaders in their fields, not only to participate annually, but also to complement and update their expositions with high quality, facilitating the introduction of new modern technologies on the enterprises.
LOGOS traditionally participates and receives the guests at its booth as part of the Agroprodmash exhibition. This year we implemented the concept of the “perfect packaging formula”, presenting the latest innovations and all the best modern packaging material from world leaders and our own production, thus emphasizing our strong position in the market and a flexible assortment policy.
Our company’s assortment has been replenished with new unique and sought-after products over the past year. Thus, the range of LOGOPAK permeable polyamide sausage casings has been significantly expanded: LOGOPAK LUX casings with optimal permeability, LOGOPAK FB and FB PRIME high-permeable casings, NET-CASING LIGHT –casings with glued nets. These new products of current concern, in our time of cost reduction, are especially in demand among sausage producers. Particularly interesting combinations of such casings with LOGONET nets, it allows to produce sausages in modern attractive forms with nets.
Special attention among our visitors was attracted at thee exhibition by the new technology KreWrap – co-production of the companies Kureha (Japan) and Krehalon (the Netherlands). This is a technological system for the production of sausages with a long shelf life. The technology is based on the packaging of sausage filling in PVDC film Krehalon AP, which provides a powerful barrier to oxygen and water vapor, followed by sterilization of the product. AP films also protect the sausage from any bacterial contamination and reduce the sunlight influence on the product.
Kureha Automatic Packer (KAP) for sausages packaging in Krehalon AP-film is used. KAP is a high-speed equipment that provides forming, filling and clipping of sausages in AP-film with a speed of up to 100 portions per minute. The high speed of the process and the tightness of the packaging ensure a good production economy. The finished product can be stored for up to several months in unregulated conditions. At the same time, a special sticker on each sausage ensures quick and convenient opening of the package and use of the product.
We have presented another unusual novelty of our own production for poultry meat producers: elastic tying loops of high-temperature resistant fiber for tying bird’s carcasses. The loops save time for tying and space when carcasses are stored and transported, they become more compact. Heat treatment of the carcass can be made together with the loop.
In addition to the above mentioned new products, today in LOGOS portfolio you can still find all variations of packaging material for meat and sausage products making. This is the whole range of artificial casings from world leaders as ViskoTeepak, Viscofan and PentoPak, as well as casings under our own brands: Logopak, Logoline, Net-Casing. These are also natural casings that undergo a cycle of pre-sale treatment at our production. The assortment of consumables, such as themoshrinkable vacuum bags of different types, including of our own production - LOGOVAK, nets LOGONET, clips LOGOCLIP and LOGOPAK loops will allow you to complete production and packaging process.

This year, at the Agroprodmash exhibition, the agro-industrial sector faced the task of increasing exports, set by the government of the Russian Federation. It was actively addressed and was repeatedly stated at the opening ceremony of the exhibition. Our company has been successfully performing this task for many years, supplying some unique positions of its own production, such as Beckdorin film, casings with a glued nets NET-CASING, clips LOGOCLIP, LOGOPACK loops and nets LOGONET for export.
I would also like to note the speech of V.S. Skvortsov, the Deputy Director of Ministry of Agriculture Food and Processing Industry Department of Russian Federation at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, on the positive dynamics of enterprises rates in the food and processing industry, achieved according to the Russian Statistics Committee data in January-August 2018 compared to the same period in 2017. According to his statement, the meat production index increased, which directly contributes to the growth of meat processing production, the growth of meat semi-finished products amounted to 106.4%, by-products - 104.4%.
On the other hand, a number of factors led this year to a significant increase in purchase prices for meat of all types, which, along with the freezing of selling prices for meat products, put traditional meat processing to the survival line. Therefore, the theme of the All-Russian Meeting of Owners and Managers of Meat-Processing Plants, held on October, 10 under the authority of the National Union of Meat Processors at the Agroprodmash exhibition, read: “Traditional meat processing is rapidly losing grounds. We are looking for current specialization”. The meeting highlighted the key problems facing the industry, and the resolution was adopted with suggestions for solving them.
Nevertheless, summing up the results, we see that, despite everything, the majority of meat processors  look forward with the thought-over optimism, understanding their responsibility  in uninterrupted providing consumers with tasty and useful meat production.
We were glad to see all the guests who visited our stand, and there were quite a lot of them this year.
Till the new meetings at your enterprises and future Agroprodmash!
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