New flavors of Spatex casings

New flavors of Spatex casings

The group of products SPATEX has been joined by new aromatic edible coatings: tomato, cummin and bacon.

The casings  NCS and VSC have been joined by new aromatic edible coatings. We pay your attention to new casings with new species composition: Tomato, Cummin and Bacon.

The formula of the edible coating "Bacon" is composed of coriander, cummin, black pepper and red paprika.

The casings SPATEX with "Cummin" give the meat product the flavor - intense and specific.

The edible coating "Tomato" stands out by deep aroma and intense red color.

By virtue of species and condiments selection compositions with unique flavor and aroma were created.

The casings SPATEX - small-kernel and big-kernel - give the meat products attractive layout and unforgettable taste.

SPATEKS is the innovative decision which let avoiding the process of coating by hand during production of meat product and sausages.  


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