LOGOTEX is a  textile casing with an edible collagen layer applied inside, sewn in various shapes. After heat treatment and cooling, the textile casing is easily removed, and the collagen layer which is sintered with the minced meat during heat treatment, remains on the surface of the product and can be eaten  with it.




Manufacturer: Logos
Purpose:  Boiled sausages and Ham, Semi-dry smoked/cooked sausages, Meat Delicacies
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 All types of sausages, hams, semi-smoked and cooked-smoked sausages and delicacies




1. Special  and attractive product appearance;

2. High mechanical strength of the shell;

3. Variety of shapes;

4. Possibility of clipping and hand knitting;

5. Easy removability;

6. Excellent hygienic  characteristics  compared to natural casings;

7. Small weight loss.

LOGOTEX  is available in in various sewed shapes: beef bung casing , piglet, chicken, chiken leg, turkey, turkey drumstick, Christmas tree, peanuts. It is possible to manufacture individual forms


The casing is ready for use without preliminary preparation. No need to soak the casing.

     Filling and clipping

The filling can be done by  any type of a  stuffer. During filling, the seams should be on the sides. It is very important to fill the casing tightly as this guarantees a symmetrical shape. The casing is suitable both for hand knitting and for all manual and semi-automatic clippers using U-shaped clips.

     Heat treatment

Heat treatment should include  the stages  of roasting, drying and smoking.  Cooking is carried out in boilers or heat chambers at temperatures from 75 to 80 ° C. Cooking is completed when 72 ° C is reached in the center of the product.

Cooling and removing of the fabric base

Cool by spraying until the core reaches 20 ° C. After cooling, dry the products, remove the fabric base within 12-24 hours and pack.

        Shell storage

The casing is stored for 6 months from the date of manufacture (humidity should not exceed 60%, optimally 40%) in a dark place; storage temperature is  from 4 to 25 ° C.

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