Logopak FORM

Logopak FORM - a multilayer polyamide casing for the manufacturing of shaped sausage products.
Manufacturer: Logos
Purpose:  Boiled sausages and Ham
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Logopak FORM


  • cooked sausages in forms;
  • shaped hams;
  • stuffed sausages.


LOGOPAK-Form casings are manufactured from european raw materials of high quality on modern equipment by special balanced recepies ans specially designated for packaging of sausages and hams in a form. LOGOPAK-Form is excellently restuffed for 30-40 % and ideally preserves the form specified. Barrier qualities of casings let to prolong the term of products storage for up to 2 months.  


* high mechanical strength, letting use this kind of a casing on all known types of equipment and quranteeing absence of tears while stuffing, clipping and thermal processing of the products in press-forms;

* wide color range of the casing;

* application of multi-colored printing

* possibility of goffering;

* easy clipping ability of sticks and possibility of hand tying;

* high elasticity and good thermo shrinkable qualities;

* preservance of the products from ageing, because the casing is the barrier for water vapor, carbon dioxide gas, air and UV-rays;

* absence of loss during thermal processing and storage;

* layout of the end product during the whole shelf life term;

* preservation of aroma of sausage products and hams;

* preservation of the end products from off odors penetration;

* ability of the casing to easily peel off from the end product.

Casings shapes: round, bung, different press-forms, and also forms in a combination with nets or string.

Calibers: 65, 68, 75, 80, 82 mm.

Form of delivery: in rolls by 500 meters.

Colors: colorless, brown, hazel translucent, smoking, golden 3, golden 6, pink translucent.

Preparation of a casing to use

While preparing the casing (unwinding of the roll, cutting into pieces) it is required to exclude friction of a side part of a roll to any surfaces.

Unwind of the roll only in a vertical position with the support of a carton frame.

It is required to soak the casing in pure cold water at temperature 18-25°С for 30 minutes. Do not soak in warm water to avoid shrinking of the casing!

The casing in rolls is to be cut into pieces before use, and then to be soaked with pouring insede the tubing.

Soak a shirred casing not taking off the net, in cold water at temperature 18-25°С for 40-60 minutes fully immersing into water.

According to technological instruction on cooked sausage manufacturing it is required to decrease the water content to be added to the quantity of moisture loss during thermal processng.


Stuffing of the casing

While forming it is required to select the caliber of the casing and quantity of farce being supplied depending on the size and configuration of press-forms to form the monolithic structure and to avoid cavity existence. It is required to select the percentage of stuffing and dosing of farce in such a way that the stick length will be enough to fully fill the press-form by length and at the same time the stick volume should be equial or less for 5% from the press-form volume. Initial (forming of sticks before pressingin forms) recommended overstuffing - 5-7%, maximum final (while pressing) stretching in such a place where the form has its maximum perimeter – up to 30-40% from nominal diameter. It is trictly prohibited to strick the sticks (to puncture the casing). For even heating it is necessary to use forms of equal sizes an weight.

Thermal processing

It is recommended to fulfill thermal processing of sausage and ham products in press-forms in LOGOPAK Form sausage casings in thermal chambers at temperature of heating agent 80-85°С. It is required tofulfill cooling of end products firstly by cold water for 10-30 minutesdepending on product mass, and then by air in cooling chambers at temprature not below 0°С and not above 6°С until the temperature inside the stick has become 0-15°С.  


Store the casing in a manufacturer's packaging in closed clean, dry and off odor premises, protected from sunlight, at a distance not less than 1 meter from the heaters, at temperature not above 25°С and relative humidity not more than 75 %.

It is strictly prohibited to throw and to expose to hits boxes with a casing.

The casing, which has been stored at temperature below 0°С, should be kept before use at room temperature for not less than 24 hours before opening of the packaging.

Guaranteed term of storage of a casing

Guaranteed term of storage of a casing -  1 year from the date of manufacturing if the manufacturer's packaging entirety was preserved.

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