PentaTerm - a thermo shrinkable bag, with high level of shrinkage (up to 60%), translucency and gloss after the preparation of the product and easy openability, designated for packaging of ready meat products and fresh meat.
Purpose:  Cheeses without maturation, Cheeses with maturation
Заказать товар
Заказать товар
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  • Cheese without ripening;
  • Hard and semi-hard cheese.


  • High shrinkage;
  • Softness and elasticity;
  • Translucency and gloss after the preparation of the product;
  • Easy openability at placing of the product.

N   Name Value
1 Thickness 50 micron
2 Limit of breaking resistance   80 MPa
3 Relative lengthening 100-130%
4 Thermal shrinkage at 93°С (3 sec) 55-60%
5 Thermal shrinkage at 70-74°С (fresh meat, 3 sec)  30-35%
6 Gas permability by oxygen (at t 23°С, 100% humidity) 21,6 сm3/(m2*24h)/atm.
7 Vapor permeability (at t 23°С, 100% humidity)  3,99 g/м2/24 hours

Bags are produced of the following types and sizes:

КС - bags with bottom semi-circular seam;

ПС - bags with two side seams.

 Bag type Type КС Type ПС
Width, mm from 150 up to 350 from 80 up to 350
Length, mm from 200 up to 700 from 150 up to 350

Packaging of the product in thermo shrinkable PentaTerm bags

Name of technological cycles



Preparation of the product

Inspection, cutting


Placing of the bags with the product in a chamber of the vacuum machine

Free ends of the bag, falling down behind the sealinf plank, should stand out

for 3 - 4 сm




Sealing of the main seal

The bags should be levelled on the plank, with the aim of excluding of wrinkles and ribbs



by techn. passport


Duration of sealing of the main seal (depending on the equipment mark)

1,2 - 2,5 sec.

Sealing of perforation seal

Duration of sealing of perforation seal (depending on the equipment)

2-4 sec.

Shrinkage of the bags in thermo tank

Temperature of water for shrinkage

85 - 90°С


Duration of the process

3-4 sec.


Duration of presence of the product in water

2 - 3 sec.

Inspection, weighting

Marking, stocking in boxes


Охлаждение и хранение

At +4°С - +6°С

by terms of storage

Shelf life of the product

The product packed in thermo shrinkable bags PentaVak is preserved for up to 40 days depending on the product kind, what is approved by investigation results and state sanitary-hygienic conclusions issued in Ukraine and in Russian Federation.


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