Beckdorin Beckdorin - is a semi-translucent edible film, which is produced from collagen substracted from cattle skin split. The film is manufactured in Russia under an original technology.
Manufacturer: Logos
Purpose:  Smoked fish, Fish sausage and rolls
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  • Копченая рыба;
  • Рыбные колбасы и рулеты.


Functional properties of this film let to produce fish products of the highest quality. "Beckdorin" tightly wraps over fish products. High vapor, gas, smoke and moisture permeability let to achieve good flavor and aroma properties during thermo processing and smoking of ready fish products. "Beckdorin" film can be used together with elastic nets.

The film is delivered in rolls, roll length 30, 50 and 100 m.

Width of the film in a roll 400, 480, 580 and 620 mm.

Colors: natural, pink, iridiscent salmon, light smoke caramel, dark smoke caramel, light smoke chocolate, dark smoke chocolate, black.

At client's request it is possible to produce a perforated film.


Good strength characteristics let work with the film both by hand and on automatic equipment.

The film is fully ready to use. It doesn't need preliminary prepearation before use. It is not allowed to soak it in water and other solutions and to dry.

Keep away from moisture reach to the film or to the roll. Surfaces of an applicator, with the film is in contact while stuffing, must be dry. Your hands must be dry when taking the film and the roll.

During break in the production process for more than 30 minutes it is necessary to take off the roll with the collagen film from an applicator and to put into a polyethylene bag to avoid moisture reach to its surface.

Collagen film is a delicate material, that's why while using it on the applicator it is recommended to observe delicate handling.

It is possible to use collagen film for smoking at temperature up to 76 °С. Thermal processing time is regular, necessary for the production of a smoked product.

Thermal processing

1 stage - drying at temperature 60°С during 40‑55 minutes.

Aim: while drying there happens irreversible conjunction of the film with the surface layer of a meat product.

2 stage- smoking by dry smoke at temperature 65-68 °С.

Aim: even coloring of the product.

3 stage - cooking at temperature 70 °С during 15‑20 minutes, further aftercooking and smoking with vapor at temperature 75 °С.


Films must be clean. Films must not have cracks, pressed wrinkles, tears and holes.

Rolls with films must have tight winding and even crosscut end (without bulges, dimples, ruptures), which must be ensured by the technology of winding device work.

The displacement of the film by the crosscut end of the roll is permissable within the limits of width tolerance.

Concerning safety, the films must correspond to "Unified sanitary, epidemiologocal and hygienic requirements to goods, subject to sanitary and epidemiological supervision (control)" (Chapter 2, section 16, paragraph 1.18).

The films must be stored packed in covered, dry, clean warehouse premises, protected from sunlight, at temperature from 10-20 °С and relative humidity 50-70 %, at not less than 1 meter distance from heaters, water and sewing pipes.

Expiry date

if unopened - 12 months, if opened - 14 days.

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