Nets for smoked fish carcasses

Nets for smoked fish carcasses Logonet String Nets made from polyester fiber differ by their high elasticity and are intended for delicatesse products formation.
Manufacturer: Logos
Purpose:  Fish sausage and rolls, Smoked fish
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Nets for smoked fish carcasses


Products hot and cold smoked, fish rolls, fish products.


Polyester nets Logonet String have larger cells, which reduces the pressure of the fish net on the product and thus much easier to remove from the fish product. Grids are characterized by good toughness at stuffing and high quality, perfectly hold the product, have a perfectly uniform diameter, have a high elasticity.

Nets STRING 140/6/7 has a unique weave and a frequent location of the transverse elastic bands at their reduced thickness, which allows more evenly distribute the forming load on the delicate surface of the product. This mesh is ideal for products in delicate collagen casings and films such as Editorstyle hot and cold smoked, fish rolls, fish products.

Standart String Nets

CALIBERS: from 80 to 200 mm. Intermediate calibers are with a gap of 20 mm.

COLORS: white, red, white-red. Other colors' manufacturing is possible at the request of the Customer.

TYPES OF NETS: 9 и 5 knots between ribs 

QUANTITY OF RIBS: 4, 6 и 10 meshes

DELIVERED in rolls 2 by 25 meters

EXAMPLE OF MARKING - Net String 80/6/9:

  • 80 –  maximum caliber, mm
  • 6- quantity of meshes full-circle
  • 9 – quantity of knots between ribs
Universal String Nets 140/6/7

CALIBERS: one calibre for the product diametr from 40 to 100 mm

COLORS: white

DELIVERED in roll 2 by 50 meters.


Raw material can be formed directly into the net, or while forming it should be additioallly wrapped into collagen or cellulous film. For this purpose it is recommended to use manual and automatic applicators, althougth forming process can be fulfilled also manually.

Thermo processing
While thermal processing it is permitted to use all the traditional technologies of thermal processing.


Polyether nets Logonet are to be stored in the manufacturer packaging in covered and dry warehouses, protected from sunlight at temperature not above 20 °С at the distance not less than 1 m from the heaters at relative humidity of air from 65 % up to 75 %.

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