Fibrous Preserve

Fibrous Preserve - a fibrous casing with antimycotic properties.
Manufacturer: ViskoTeepak
Purpose:  Boiled sausages and Ham, Semi-dry smoked/cooked sausages, Dry sausages, Meat Delicacies
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Fibrous Preserve


The preserve properties can be combined with all of ViskoTeepaks basic casings, meaning you can combine some of the most effective and productive casings in the world with a functionality that inhibits and reduces fungal growth.


The Preserve concept includes a coating with anti-fungal properties that degrades the outgrowth of fungal in dairy and meat products. It is developed to work in even the toughest production conditions where fungal is a problem. The casing has a coating that protects the sausage from mould infestation, a common problem among dry sausage production facilities. Even though it cannot be guaranteed to prevent all mould growth, due to the large variety of existing moulds, all tests have shown that the Preserve casing exhibits less mould growth than all similar untreated casing products tested.

Approved by safety authorities

The active component that is applied through a coating procedure to the surface of the casings is Natamycin. Natamycin is also known as Pimaricin and is sometimes sold as Natacyn. It is a naturally occurring antifungal agent produced during fermentation by the bacterium Streptomyces natalensis, which is commonly found in soil. Natamycin has been used for decades in the food industry as a means to combat fungal outgrowth in meat and dairy products and is approved by the safety authorities.

Neutral in taste

There are many ways of dealing with fungal problems, but manyof the solutions also have downsides. The ViskoTeepak solution is outstanding in neutral flavour impact, it is colourless and it is less dependent on pH for efficiency. It is also a listed and approved E-number (E235) for the preservation of cheese and dried sausage products.


The Preserve concept can be combined with all our adhesion levels and colour alternatives as well as with all ViskoTeepak Fibrous casing types. This means that we can combine characteristics and tailor-make the perfect solution for each customer. Also, the level of antifungal strength can be adjusted. As a standard, we offer two different levels, one to fit the most basic needs (Preserve 3) where casing needs to withstand challenging conditions, and a second higher level (Preserve 1) that maximises protection in order to suit the most demanding applications. This level reaches the the highest level of protection and what is legally approved.
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