Net-Casing (casings in a net)

Net-Casing (casings in a net) NET-CASING is a casing that is manufactured on the basis of VISKO TEEPAK casings by means of sticking of the net onto the casing under the technologies worked out by our professionals. The casing is manufactured on high-production manufacturing line purchased in Finland.
Manufacturer: Logos
Purpose:  Boiled sausages and Ham, Semi-dry smoked/cooked sausages, Dry sausages
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Net-Casing (casings in a net)


  • Cooked sausages;
  • Semi-smoked sausages;
  • Cooked-smoked sausages;
  • Semi-smoked sausages;
  • Dry cured sausages.

    •   Special appearance
    • Applicable to any type of fibrous casing
    • Wide range of netting types
    • High mechanical strength and elasticity
    • Vapor-, gas-, moisture permeability 
    • -Possibility of usage on all types of automatic and semi-automatic equipment
    • -Stable caliber while stuffing, heat treating and storing    
    • -Achievement of good flavor and aroma parametres while smoking, ripening and drying
    • -Preserving of the aroma of the product during the whole term of storage 



    FIBROUS Regular and FIBROUS  XL with different levels of adhesion (MEAT CLING):

    You can choose  the level  of adhesion, corresponding  to your aims, for example, low level of adhesion  Meat Cling HP-L for cooked and smoked sausages, or high level  of adhesion  Meat Cling  HP-H  for dry smoked sausages  with long  term  of ripening.


    CALIBERS (mm) 40, 45, 50, 53, 55, 58, 60, 65.  


    COLORS OF NETTING  White, beige, red, black

    TYPES OF NETTING  cells, rhomb, square, double square, armour, trapezium, double trapezium,  combi 1, combi 2, combi 3, combi maxi 1, combi maxi 2, rhomb maxi


    DELIVERED in rolls, shirred (max length is 15 m)


    StageI. Preparation

    It is required to soak in water at temperature 25-35°С for 05-15 minutes before use.

    Stage II. Stuffing

    Fulfilled on all types of automatic  and semi-automatic equipment. Overstuffing of the casing should be 5-8% from nominal diameter of the casing.

    StageIII. Clipping

    The casing is clipped on any types of automatic, semi-automatic and manual clippers or tied manually. If the clipping machine has been adjusted correctly (pressure onto a clip) the following results should be reached:

    -After applying of the clip onto a casing (without farce) it is required to take off the clip (while cutting by cutters or accurately straightening) and to check that there is no broken casing under the clip.

    -At the same time - if to pull by the loop, the clip should not slip down from the casing.

    -Adjust the displacers the way that in the ends of the clipper a little bit of farce is left.

    Stage IV. Heat treatment

    PROCESS   Temperature in a chamber,°С Temperature inside a sausage, °С



    Relative humidity, %
    roasting 55-60 ----- 20 -----
    drying 60-65 ----- 20-40 25-30
    smoking 65-70 ----- 20-40 75-80
    cooking 75-78 72 appr.20 100

    Stage V. Cooling

    Spraying by cold water for 10-15 minutes, a break for 5-7 minutes, then spraying by water again for 10 minutes until the temperature 40-42°С inside a sausage. To get a wrinkled surface of the product the stage of spraying should be avoided.

    Conditions of storage 

    It is required to store the casing  in a manufacturer's package in closed, clean and dry premises  odour free, protected from sunlight , at the distance not less than 1 m from the heaters at temperature  15-20 °С and relative humidity60-70 %.

    Terms of storage

    24 months from the date of manufacturing  at the condition of preservance of the manufacturer's package integrity. 



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