Thermoshrinkable bags

Thermoshrinkable bags Multilayer shrink bags of own production.
Manufacturer: Logos
Purpose:  Chicken, Raw meat, Meat Delicacies
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Thermoshrinkable bags


  • All kinds of meat products (as well as hard, heavy, bone products);
  • Chicken (whole, in a cut);
  • Fish;
  • Cheeses without maturation.


The film:

-Polyamide (PA);

-A special layer (TIE-LAYER);

-Polyamide (PA);

-A special layer (TIE-LAYER);

-Copolymers of ethylene/vinyl alcohol (EVOH);

-A special layer (TIE-LAYER);

-Polyethylene (PO).




Ed. measurements

Value of indicator


DIN 53370






ASTM D 3985-95

ASTM F 1279-98

см3/м2 24 ч atm, 230С,

refers. humidity 100%



water / steam

ASTM E 96-00

г/м2/24 ч atm, 230С,

refers. humidity 100%


Tensile strength

ASTM D 882



Elongation to break

ASTM D 882




Puncture resistance

EN 14477



The ability to shrinkage

Own method

% 900С, 3 sec






To determine the required width (K) of the package, measure the perimeter of the packaged product in its widest part (Pmah Shir). The calculation of the package width is made by the formula:

K = Pmax wide × 0.55 in (mm)

To determine the length (L) of the package, measure the perimeter of the packaged product (Pmah DL) in its longest part.  The calculation of the length of the packet is performed according to the formula:

L = Pmax DL / 2 + 80 (100) mm

If necessary, clip package you should increase the calculated value of the packet length L is 100 mm (to ensure the best blend clips).

If you have any difficulties or doubts in choosing the size of the package, please contact your Manager for advice.
Preparation of products for packaging

Products before packaging should have a temperature in the thickness of not less than 0 °C and not more than 4 °C.

The prepared products should be directed directly to the packaging.


Almost any vacuum equipment can be used to pack the products in the LOGOPAK bags.

The welding area should be kept clean.

Place the required amount of products for packaging in a bag and put in the chamber of the vacuum machine. The product in the package should be as close as possible to the heat-sealing strip to improve the appearance and the most complete fit of the product.

· When laying the pack on the bar is necessary to avoid folds in order to avoid subsequent razacharovan.

* It is necessary to choose the optimal heating time of the spiral. In the case of re-soldering the weld, it is necessary to reduce the welding time.

* If necessary, set up the vacuum machine according to the instructions for setting up the equipment for vacuum packaging (attached instructions to the vacuum machine).

* Check if the desired vacuum in the package has been reached. To check the quality of the weld. It must be continuous, with the imprint of the welding element of the packaging machine. The presence of folds is not allowed.

The most accurate program of vacuuming and welding is selected empirically. Depending on the obtained results, the optimal operating mode is set.

Heat shrink

Heat treatment of the package with the product is carried out by lowering it into hot water or irrigation with hot water at a temperature of 80 0C to 94 0C for 3 seconds depending on the product. The shrinkage temperature is selected depending on the product to be Packed.

Storage of packaged products

Storage of packaged products is carried out according to the requirements of the technological instructions for the production of this type of product.
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