R2L-D R2L-D - a non-edible collagen casing having straight shape, is used for manufacturing of uncooked smoked and dry-cured sausage products.
Manufacturer: Viskofan
Purpose:  Dry sausages
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  • Uncooked smoked sausage products
  • Dry-cured sausage products (sujuk, salami, cervelat, etc)


  • Stable percentage of overstuffing (up to 4%).
  • Clipping is possible on all kinds of clippers.
  • Unproblematic for hand tying.
  • In complience with Halal and Kosher requirements (certificates)

Calibers: 32-110

Colors:clear, brown


The casing can be supplied with marking printed on it. 


R2L-D casing can be shirred in sticks/cores.

At request the casing can be supplied in the form of RTU, i. e. ready to use.

Form of supply:

Hand knitting

The casing can be supplied in pieces by 20/25/30/35/40/45/50/60 cm with one end tied up.

String for tying os available in different colors.

Bunches / Reels

R2L-d casing can be supplied in bunches / reels by 20 m long.


The casing can be supplied in rolls.


R2L-D casing should be soaked for not less than 30 minutes

upon the condition it is fully immerged into15 % salt solution at temperature 20-25 °C.Duration of soaking should not exceed 180 minutes.

The casing in the form of RTU (ready to use) should not require soaking.


Be sure that You use machine settings that are proper for stuffing and clipping by a clip of a required size.

It is suitable for clipping on all kinds of clipping equipment. Also can be easily used for hand knitting.

Stuffing should be fulfilled in accordance with normative requirements. 


Optimal characretistics of permeability, specially chosen for smoking and steam treatment, let in full extense open all taste and aroma of the end product. Smoking of a product in this casing ensures an appetizing appearance of the product. 

Heat treatment

Recommended temperature of a cooking chamber - max. 75° C.


Recommended gradual temperature fall from 22°С to 18°С and gradual decrease of relative humidity from 95% to 85% when speed of air flow is (0,2м/с-0,5 м/с) for 7-10 days long.

After ageing for all the period of storing it is recommended to keep the following regime 16°С/75-80%

Terms  and conditions of storage

The products, upon the condition of package integrity and complience with temperature regime from 5 ° C to 23 ° C with relative humidity not above 65 %, can be stored for 24 months from the date of delivery, in such case not losing its original properties.


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