Wienie-Pak Wienie-Pak - a cellulose sausage casing from regenarated cellulose, extracted from pure cotton linter, is intended for the manufacturing of sausages and wieners (cooked, cooked-smoked).
Manufacturer: ViskoTeepak
Purpose:  Frankfurters, Hot Dogs
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  • Sausages;
  • Wieners;
  • Mini-salami.


-POssibility to overstuffing relative to a nominal diameter

-Ensures high productivity

-All possible variants of adhesion to farce

-Persistance to high temperatures

-Achievement of the best result while using of a vacuum package for the products

-Is fit for biological decomposition, is suitable for composting, does not make damage to the environment


High mechanical strength and elasticity 

Vapor-, gas-, moisture permeability


Possibility of use on all kind of equipment

Stable caliber when stuffing, heat treatment and storing

Achievement of high flavor and aroma properties when smoking, ripening and drying 

Preservation of the aroma of a product during all term of storage


translucent, smoke (light, medium and strong level of color intensity). Delivery of the casing with stripes of different colors is possible. Other colors are possible upon request.

Calibers: from 14 to 37 mm.


WP type – standard casings;

RP type – easy-peel casings with special coating «Rapid peel», to peel off the casing on peelers;

J type –casings of raised hardness, are intended to avoid problems with pearshape.


shirred in 2 vaqriants:

ОЕ - "open end" for processing on hand twisters

СЕ - "closed end" for processing on high-speed automatic lines


one-color one-side and/or two-side printing 

Standard length of shirred reels:

 Length of a casing in a reel, m

 Length of a casing in a reel, inch




















Stage I. Подготовка

Ready to use without preliminary preparation. It is advised to open the package before use. To avoid drying out of casings, open and non-used casings are to be stored in packs made from polyethylen film at temperature 5-35°С. If the casing has dried up, it is possible to recover of moisture level needed by placing it in a moist location for 1-2 days, after that the casinf will be ready to use.

Stage II. Stuffing

The casing is designated for processing on twistres and automatic sausage lines. For stuffing on hand twisters it is advisable to use type J casing, which is characterized by raised strength, what lets the casing to be stable at impulse way of farce feeding. It is necessary to mind the direction of "goffers" - shirred tubes depending on the equipment used:

-while working on hand twisters the casing os stuffed in the direction of shirred ribbs

-while working on linker machines stuffing is made in the opposite direaction - from shirred ribbs

-while working on automatic lines it is necessary to mind the correspondance of the diameter of the vasing's caliber to spindle caliber.

Overstuffing for differemt types of the casing:

WP type -up to 10% from nominal caliber

J tyoe -2-3% from nominal caliber

RP type -for 1 mm from nominal caliber

Stage III. Heat treatment

Heat treatment is fulfilled in all types of heat chambers. The regime of heat treatment is chosen individually depending on the equipment capacities.

PROCESS Temperature in a chamber,°С Temperature inside a sausage, °С



Relative humidity, %
roasting (coloring) 50 ----- 10-15 80
drying 55-60 ----- 15 65-70
smoking 60 ----- 15 60
smoking 68 ----- 15 70-75
cooking 76 up to 72 10-20 100

Easy-peel RP casing use

Taking into account high vapor-, gas-, moisture permeability of the casing, it is necessary to correct farce formula in the part of increase of moisture content for 10% in comparison with farce formula, being used for the products in polyamide casing. Sausage farce must contain sufficient protein quantity, but soy protein quantity is to be decreased to avoid adhesion of the farce to the casing. To get an easy-peel of the casing it is mostly important to organize the cecly of drying correctly. After drying the casing should be slightly moist and rough by touch, and the surface of the filling should by dry. Maximum temperature of drying is 60°С. The cecly of smoking can be started at temperature of 60 °С and relative humidity in a chamber of 60%. If drying is impossible, make an additional cycle of smoking at humidity of 70-75%. Cooling of the end product can be fulfilled at room temperature for 10 hours.

Stage IV. Cooling

To get a smooth surface of the product immediately after heat treatment expose to constant spraying by water for 15 minutes and then 10 minutes with the 5 minutes break.

Conditions of storage 

It is necessary to store the casing in an original package in closed, clean, dry premises free  from odours, protectd from sunlight, at the distance more than 1 m from heaters, at temperature not above 15-20°С and relative humidity 60-70%. It is required to avoid strong overcooling and strong overheating.    

(!) It is strictly prohibited to throw and subject to hit boxes with a casing  

Terms of storage 

24 months from the date of manufacturing at condition of preserving of packe integrity and observance of conditions of storage. It is required to avoid strong overcooling and strong overheating.     

Possible terms of storage of end products on Wienie-Pak casing

From 15 to 21 days while using of a vacuum package or MGA package


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