Beef caps

Beef caps Beef caps are properly processed and prepared blind beef ends with wide part of middle intestine or without it. 
Purpose:  Boiled sausages and Ham, Semi-dry smoked/cooked sausages, Meat Delicacies
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Beef caps


  • Cooked sausage;
  • Cooked-smoked sausage;
  • Hams and delicatesse.


A cap creates a very attractive presentation of the product. Usage of this casing is considered by consumers the guarantee of a product quality. Usage of caps durng the production of cooked sausage with inclusion of olives, nut and also sausage of ham type is especially up-to-date.

 Advantages of natural casing:

  • Fulle edible; 
  • High vapor permeability, water permeability, gas permeablity, ability to save flavor, color and smell of smoking;
  • Thermo stability;
  • Tensile at break;
  • High elasticity;
  • Ability to acquire typical aroma and specific flavor of the sausage in a natural casing.

Natural casing has a range of disadvantages, such as:

  • High labour input of processing;
  • Inequality of diameter and length;
  • Exposure to mictobiological deterioration;
  • Existence of intravital (holes, damages) and manufacturing (cuts) defects.

To avoid of casings damage due to microorganisms while long-term storage there are conserved by salt preservance or drying.


Calibers:  -/95, 95/115, 115/125, 125/+

Besides, there are short caps in the assortment, length 45 cm.

Beef caps are delivered of the following categories of quality:   А and АВ.

  • For the manufacturing of cooked-smoked sausages there can be used all categories of quality of natural casings, including АВ, as the presence of light spots is permitted on the casing.
  • For the manufacturing of hams and delicatesse there are applied bungs of narower calibers, but obligatory of high category of quality.

Tha casing is delivered in a bunch of 5 and 10 pieces.


Before use it is necessary to shake a casing to release from salt remainders, to wash it in cool water for 10-15 minutes and to soak in warm water (30-35 °С) for 0,5-4 hours. The time of a casing's soaking depends on its condition. Heavily dewatered, dry casing must stay in water for a longer time than the casing, which was stored in pickle and hasn't lost much moisture. Finally after the soaking the casing must get back to its natural condition and obtain elasticity.


Being conserved, the natural casing can be stored in barrels at temperature 0-10°С 15 months, 10-25°С 12 months.

Meat farce capacity
Casing caliber, mm Meat farce capacity, kg/m
-/95 < 2,9
95/115 2,9/3,4
115/125 3,5/3,8
125/+ > 4,0
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