Logopak Universal

Logopak Universal - a polyamide multilayer thermo shrinkable casing.
Manufacturer: Logos
Purpose:  Processed cheese
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Logopak Universal


  • processed cheese and cultured milk products (curd cheese, sour cream).
  • frozen products, etc.


LOGOPAK casings are manufactured from european raw materials of high quality on modern equipment by special balanced recepies. LOGOPAK synthetic casings are adapted for modern technological request to the utmost of home meat processing market. Possessing high elasticity, good thermal shrinkage and great reserve of mechanical strength, they let ideally preserve the stick form, ensuring non-stop resultive work on practically all types of equipment and constantly attractive layout of sausage products. Casing preserve their mechanical and barrier qualities and after all stages of the technologocal process finishing they quarantee high preservance of sausages both while storing and while realizating. Significant peculiarity of LOGOPAK casing is its integrity preservance while cutting.  


* high mechanical strength, letting use this kind of a casing on all known types of equipment;

* uniformity of caliber;

* wide color range of the casing;

* application of multi-colored printing and possibility of goffering;

* easy clipping ability of sticks and possibility of hand tying;

* high elasticity and good thermo shrinkable qualities;

* preservance of the products from ageing, because the casing is the barrier for water vapor, carbon dioxide gas, air and UV-rays;

* absence of loss during thermal processing and storage;

* layout of the end product during the whole shelf life term (even and smooth sticks);

* ability of the casing to easily peel off from the end product;

* possibility to expose the products to freezing.

Calibers:  40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120.

Colors: translucent, white, brown, pink translucent, smoked, golden, golden 2, golden 3, golden 4, golden 5, golden 6, bronze, bronze 1, red,dark red, cherry, orange, yellow, cream, pink pearly, pink pearly 1.

«LOGOPAK - Universal» casing is manufactured in rolls. Line sizes of casings should correspond to the indexes mentioned in the table 1.


Casing diameter,mm

Nominal width of the casing flatly, mm Maximum deviation from nominal width, mm Nominal thickness of the casing, mcm Maximum deviation from nominal thickness, mcm Nominal length of the casing in a roll, m Maximum deviation from nominal length of the casing in a roll, m
45 70 ±2 48 ±2 500 ±2
50 78
55 86
60 94
65 102
70 110
75 118 ±3 ±3
80 125
85 133
90 141

Preparation of the casing to use

During preparation of the casings (unwinding of the roll, cutting into pieces) it is necessary to exclude friction of side edge of the roll to any surfaces.

Unwind the roll only in a vertical position leaning against carton frame.

Soaking of the casing is to be made in pure cold water at temperature 18-25°С for 30 minutes. Do not soak in warm water to avoid shrinkage of the casing!

The casing in rolls before use is firstly to be cut into pieces, and then to be soaked pouring water inside the tubing.

Goffered casing is to be soaked not taking off the net in cold water at temperature 18-25°С for 40-60 minutes fully dipping into the water .

Stuffing of the casing

Stuffing of the casing can be fulfilled on any stuffers - manual or automatic.

While clipping both manual and automatic clippers can b used.

Non-used soaked casing is to take away from water and keep in a cool premises far away from heaters and drafts; while reusing it is necessaty to resoak it.

Recommended overstuffng of the casing - 10% from nominal diameter.

Recommended diameters of stuffing are mentionedin the table 1:

Table 1

Nominal diameter of the casing, mm

Recommended diameter after stuffing, mm

Spindle size (outer diameter), mm


50 (± 1)



 55 (± 1)



 60 (± 1)



 66 (± 1)



 71  (± 1)



 77 (± 2)



 82 (± 2)



 88 (± 2)



 93 (± 2)



 99 (± 2)


It is strictly prohibited to strick the sticks (to puncture the casing).

Thermal processing

Thermal processing can be fulfilled both in stationary cookers and in all types of thermal chambers.

While cooking in cookers it is recommended to immerse the sticks into water at temperature 55-60°С to avoid non-controlled shrinkage and sticks deformation. It is necessary to keep te sticks under the water and to move them for even cooking, before loading of any portion it is recommended to decrease the temperature in a cooker up to 60°С.

While thermal processing in thermal chambers it is necessary to exclude the processes of predrying and frying, it is recommended to boil in steps:

I step- at temperature 50-55°С up to temperature inside a stick 30-35°С;

II step - at temperature 65-70°С up to temperature inside a stick 55°С;

III step - at temperature 78-85°С up to temperature inside a stick 72°С;


It is required to fulfill the cooling of the end products in «LOGOPAK» casings firstly by cool water and then by air.


It is required to store the casing in a manufacturer's packaging in closed and odourless, clean and dry warehouses, protected from direct sunlight, at a dostance not less than 1 meter from the heaters, at temperature not above 25°С and reltive humidity not above 75 %.

Категорически запрещается бросать и подвергать ударам коробки с оболочкой.

It is required to keep the casing, which has been stored at temperature below 0°С before use at room temperature for not kless than 24 hours before opening of the packaging.

Guaranteed term of storage of the casing

Guaranteed term of storage of the casing -  1 year from the date of manufacturing upon condityion of its integrity preservance of manufacturer's packaging.

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