The results of «ART-CASING 2012» competitive tender

With great pleasure we would like to inform you about the final stage of art competitive tender «ART – CASING 2012» devoted to the creation of art-delicatessen from a sausage casing, the resultd have been summed up and the winners have been chosen.


We express a sincere gratitude to all the participants and promise that in some time the prise will find the winner!

Prise places have been devided the following way:

1 place – the work «BALLET DANCER», the creator Helen Perminova.

2 place– the work «FLOWERS», the creator Ann Pikul'.

3 place– the work «BUTTERFLIES», the creator Anastasiya Trapeznikova.


The information about the place and the date of awarding will be given later.


Yours, LOGOS!



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