We represent new LOGOPAK casings!

We represent new LOGOPAK casings!

LOGOPAK casings are manufactured from european raw materials of high quality on modern equipment by special balanced recepies. LOGOPAK synthetic casings are adapted for modern technological request to the utmost of home mat processing market. Possessing high elasticity, good thermo shrinkage and great reserv of mechanical strength, they let ideally preserve the stick form, ensuring non-stop resultive work on practically all types of equipment and constantly attractive layout of sausage products. Casing preserve their mechanical and barrier qualities and after all stages of the technologocal process finishing they quarantee high preservance of sausages both during storage and during realization. Significant peculiarity of LOGOPAK casing is its integrity preservance while cutting.

By means of realization term prolongation of the end product and low price of the casing your enterprise expenses is decreasing and profitability of the product produced is increasing.

Nowadays there produced the following types of LOGOPAK casings:

You can ask our managers for more detailed information or visit our site, where you can place an order.


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