Regular Agroprodmash has gone off, and one more time has it shown that despite all threats and crysis, our meat-processing filed is alive  and is planning for future and developping.
We were happy to see all of you again, to communicate with visitors of our booth, to get to know how they were doing in Vladivistok, in Siberia, what they worried about in the Urals and in Volga region, what the weather was in the South or in the North of Russia, how stable was Central part growth…
We would like to thank everybody who trusted us as a supplier of casings, films and expendables, who shared his or her dreams and concerns with us, who asked for help. We make our promise to do our best to make our cooperation even more comfortable.
It is not for nothing that «LOGOS» trade mark was awarded by Golden medal in the frames of the competition held among «Meat Industry Suppliers» in a special nomination "Brand of the Year» as the most sucessful company in marketing in the territiry of Russian Federation, associated by the consumer as the products with guaranteed quality. From now this remark will accompany our trade mark for the whole year coming.
We have been well proud of PKF «LOGOPAK» Ltd., our manufacturing facility. In the frames of the competition among the suppiers of food additives, ingredients and casings for meat industry we got the Golden medal for high quality of nets, manufactured under «LOGONET» trade mark. This medal gives us the right to use «Supplier of the Year» marking when selling «LOGONET» nets.
The awarding of the medals took place during formal ceremony on October, 10th on the basis of the results of competitions, organized by The Gorbatov's All-Russian Meat Research Institute (VNIIMP) and Exhibition Administration.
The rest of products, that were represented by us, also were on a good level. Besides a traditional complex of casings and films a special interest to new tendencies in packing was noted. Thus without exception a great interest of the clients was arosen by dry-cured sausages "Chorizo", packed using oxygen absorbent supplied by LOGOS company. If we try to remember the previous Agroprodmash, we only fulfilled marketing research last year, this time we already represent business results. Also a great interest was taken by bands for protection of the package from bone punctures, its use in practice was demonstrated by the USA manufacturer who was invited to our booth as LOGOS is an official dealer of this product under «BONE GUARD» trade mark.
An unattainable altitude has been gained by our best clients who enjoyed not only our thematic cocktail parties, organized here on our booth, but also could enjoy high cuisine and experience an unmemorable sight of the restaurant Federation Tower with en excellent view from 62nd floor of it.
We sincerely hope that you had a great time with us!
Thank all of you who are always with us!



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