Agroprodmash 2014 is a special event!

Agroprodmash 2014 is a special event!

Last week was commemorated by the 19th Exhibition - Agroprodmash 2014. This year we can dare to call it a special event. Why? - You can ask. Everything was traditionally great, serious and well thougt over - as usual. 

No doubt, it was so but bearing in mind current situation, that has developped in the food industry of Russia depending on ctitical need on import substitution in Russian food market, everything went through not "as usual". On the one hand, Agroprodmash 2014 was the indicator that Russian market continues to develop and stay attractive in spite of everything. On the other hand, significant problems connected with fresh meat shortage and its price increase, are taken by many meat-processors as a real menace to existence. 

Thus for the first time there took place the Conference for Owners and Chief Managers of Meat-Processing plants that was organized by The National Union of Meat-Processors. The result of the Conference was real suggestions and appeal to governmental authorities even to The President of the Russian Federation.  

Being multi-industry Exhibition, Agroprodmash 2014 was able to involve in its 16 showrooms all technological process of food products' manufacturing including equipment, raw materials and ingredients. 762 companies from 36 countries of the world, including 400 Russian companies, took part in the Exhibition. Russian companies and companies from abroad demonstrated achievements and novelties for 300 industries branches of food industry. 

Logos company always trying to represent regular assortment and something "fresh", also represented a new product. Logosplav is a protective covering on the basis of paraffin wax. At the Exhibition we conducted a marketing opinion poll to estimate potential demand of this product, aimed at the protection of sausage products quality for the whole period of their storage. Logosplav was presented to take part in the Competition of Meat Industry Suppliers that was organized by VNIIMP in the frames of Agroprodmash 2014. Under the results of the Competition Logos company was awarded by the Golden Medal and the right to be called The Supplier of the Year for the year period.

The second novelty presented at Agroprodmash by Logos was multi-colored printing onto Wienie-Pak cellulose wiener casing, supplied by Visko Teepak company as its manufacturer. This bright product attracted much attention and effectively marks the product on the shelf. 

We express our gratitude to our clients and partners for they had found time to visit us at our welcoming and cosy Booth, to discuss pressing questions and simply to communicate!

Yours, Logos



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