Marking for forthcoming holidays. We create Your mood!

Marking for forthcoming holidays. We create Your mood!

We have just taken the breath out after the official New Year holidays in Russia and immediately we star thinking about the forthcoming holidays: the 23th of February and the 8th of March that are traditionally recognized in Russia as The Mens' and Womens' Day correspondingly.

While representing to You the new holiday sausage images of 2015, we also remind You about the fact that LOGOS company can afford such services as high-quality flexographic printing and UF-printing on to different kinds of flexographic printing. New printing equipment let to apply to 6 kinds of colors for one pass. Besides, LOGOS company has the chance to suggest to our clients full-colored printing of any complexity level. Our design-studio is quickly to work out the design in accordance with the client's request, and own cliche machine is always ready to reduce the terms of the order fulfilment.

We are waiting for Your holiday order, to get a more detailed information please contact Your manager.


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