Partners' Days

Partners' Days

The begining of summer has been marked for our industry by grandiose event - "Partners' Days 2015", organized by ViskooTeepak (VT) company for its dealers from all over the world. This event became the second one in VT history similar to the previos one by its effectiveness and lots of positive comments from those present.

ViskoTeepak company managed to gather together 150 dealers from 51 world countries in Antwerpen (Belgium) – the city of Diamonds, the second largest city in Belgium and the second largest seaport city in Europe! During the event global world tendencies of manufacturing and consumption in food industry were discussed, topic seminars were conducted, seminars were devoted to the main ViskooTeepak company's products - Fibrous sausage casing and Wienie-Pak wieners both in relation to their technical characteristics and in relation to their commercial potential, the presentations of novelties were held. 

In the frames of this 3-days maraphone there took place the exchange of opinions and negotiations, in most comfortable and triumphant atmosphere there was initiated the start of a new manufacturing line for the production of wieners casings called Wienie-Pak

The program of the event was info exhaustive, it was skillfully interspersed with cocktail parties and gala dinners, the time passed without being noticed to leave us the hope that 3 forthcoming years will be passing as fast and productive as the previous ones. Let us meet again in 2018.


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