"The City of Dreams to Come True" Charity Festival

"The City of Dreams to Come True" Charity Festival

On August, 28 th 2015 in Primorskiy Park, Saint-Petersburg there took place "The City of Dreams to Come True" Charity Festival  for children suffering from cancer, for orphans from foster homes and adopted children from large families living in Leningrad Region. 

The Festival took place in the frames of charity project organized by "Lukoil-Bunker" company called "The Way to Miracle" with support of co-thinkers. The Partners of the event were the companies: Ginza project (this company made the catering with extremely good treating), Spotrlife, Logos company, W-hotel. 

The guests were children with cancer (Scientific-Investigation Institute of Child's Cancer, Hematology and Transplantation named after Raissa Gorbatcheva), orphans from foster homes of Leningrad Region, large families with adopted children from Leningrad Region (with 15 children in a family), disabled children - totally 300 persons present. 

The Festival was conducted in picturesque forest playground being a large fest space, consisting of different interactive zones. 

Everything happening in the playground was a non-stop play with the main storyline and heroes, screenplay task of which was to involve children in the process, to give them the feeling of miracle and joy. 

The baseline of the play was the history about a kind robot which was to find itself in the City of Dreams to Come True, because it had had a dream to have the living heart. The Robot was dreaming about becoming a Human Being. All playground was the allegory of inner world of the main hero and everybody in general. In the frames if the play children were dancing "Silent disco" in head-phones on, played artificial snowballs, played with 20-meters robots-transformers, did puzzles in the zone of mysterious Dream Catcher, fed Gigantic Dino by sweets, carried out interesting experiments to create ice-cream, made candy floss with Harry Potter, did Lemonade Cow milking, played team-building games. Children happened to meet their favourite cartoons heroes. The playground had a great number of professional animators on who were paying attention to each single child. 

About Festivals by "Lukoil-Bunker": 

Key concept is the creation of a special interactive envirionment where there will be accumulated positive emotions and belief in future recovery from a disease. It is the place where a miracle can come true, it does for real. Small guests of the Festival are becoming main heroes of truthful fairy-tale about the force of kindness, love and courage, to feel not from outside but from inside. There is no theatre stage here, no spectators and no actors - everybody present here is an actor and a magician himself or herself.

Screenplay of the event was created together with child's psychologues, practicing Personality Psychology. The storyline is built on fairy-tale therapy basis as one of the courses of contemporary art-therapeutic area of social psychology.


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