"Hot deal"- Dyplex casings in Logonet nets

"Hot deal"- Dyplex casings in Logonet nets

We represent to Your kindest attention a novelty  - a complex solution, letting You not only to reduce expenditures for a casing but also to achieve a special attractiveness of the final product "on the shelf" among other business rivals.

Please be acquainted:  Dyplex С-М (С-Т), a polyamide casing with dynamic permeability, intended to be used while forming in a net, and also non-elastic nets called Logonet, all together – being the smash hit!

Decreased percentage of overstuffing 25% reduces Your expenditures to the final producton on a 1 kg basis, and skillfully made netting, in 2 variants -  Square and Double Square (a netting imitating hand-made one for sausages under GOST) forms a special relief on the surface - looking like netting meshes shaped relief. By this emphasizing Your product and building trust of a consumer to the brand.

Nets can be manufactured in 3 basic colours: white, red-white and red, which let You to stress the attention not on a single product but to the whole flavour and other assortment line.



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