The results of the INTEKPROM MEAT conference

The results of the INTEKPROM MEAT conference

The organization a seminar for the meat processing industry is not such an easy task in itself in the current difficult time.  Especially if the organizer is not a well-known company from Chelyabinsk. Therefore, we can only admire the professionalism and careful preparation of the INTEKPROM -  organizer "Russian conference  «Advanced solutions for optimizing meat processing plants”" ", which brought representatives of enterprises from different regions of Russia: the Urals, the Volga region, Siberia and even the North-West. The secret of such a popularity of a seemingly regional event is the resonance of the technical and technological solutions offered by the speakers at all stages of the technological process to the most urgent needs of their customers. Their maximum efficiency is a modern key to not only the profitability of production, but also often the survival of the business. No wonder the first section of the reports was called: the development of meat processing industry: new trends and challenges. Additional weight of the conference was given, undoubtedly, by the participation of organizations uniting the interests of the whole industry –  NP SRO "National Union of Meat Processors" and «VNIIMP V. M. Gorbatova".

The work was organized so intensively that the participants had to be divided into two sections "on interest": Primary processing – improving efficiency by optimizing processes and deep processing – using the best tools and practices in creating products with high benefit. The range of proposed and discussed issues - from energy efficiency methods and methods of cooling and heat treatment to the use of modern information technology and software solutions. Almost all aspects of the meat-processing enterprise received a discussion both during the practical conference and on the sidelines.

Logos Company also took part in the conference, because the packaging of products, as well as any other process, requires effective and thoughtful solutions. Such solutions are in our portfolio. The article of the offering an overview of modern packaging solutions and material by Chief Sales Officer Logos Vitalii Smurigin was published in the catalogue of participants ' reports. Communication with the participants of the conference showed a high interest in the products offered.


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