WorldFood Kazakhstan 2012 – we arrived to win!

15th Anniversary Central Asian International exhibition took place from November, 6th till Novembr, 9th 2012 in the exhibition center "Atakent" in extremely hospitable city of Almaty.

«LOGOS» company took place in this exhibition for the first time as an exponent, although we already had taken part in it before as visitors, when we hadbeen planning to open our first affiliat abroad.

During our debut trip at our booth we tried to visually demonstrate all our possibilities and resources for establishing mutually profitable relationships with potential partners and for presenting a full assortment of packaging materials supplied by us: sausage casings, flexible packaging and expendables for meat processing companies.

Today summing up the results of our participation we can surely declare that our dreams have come true and our aims have been reached. We managed to brightly represent ourselves and be noticed, to start new «working» acquaintancies and contacts, and also to have a good time with existing partners and friends of the company.

It was a pleasant unexpectable surprise to win in independent tender "Best booth design», organised by "ITEKA" company in the nomination «The most comfortable booth».

Yours, «LOGOS». Now in Kazakhstan!

P.S. Please always remember that «LOGOS» is a company which cares about its cliets! And now we can positvely declare that it's comfortable to be with us!


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