Our achievements and future plans

Recently we have strengthened our efforts towards the products of own production for the Russian market of meat-processing since it is interesting for our clients, first. Meat-processing plants have no need in paying for imported products the price which is calculated on the basis of the current exchange rate of the Rouble. The supply of analogue Russian products is on the rise now in the market, and therefore our company is also active in import substitution. We are constantly working to improve the quality of the products manufactured and to expand the products’ assortment.

By today “Logos” has been the only company in Russia to produce a collagen film. We bought the technology and suitable equipment in Germany, built the manufacturing facility in Leningrad Region and keep producing the collagen film under former brand called “BECKDORIN”. Moreover, we have been successfully exporting it.

Another business line, we have succeeded in, is the production of clips for sausage products. Our technologists make not only the clips having an ideal geometry, from the best known materials, but they also learned to wash them the way it doesn’t leave any prints on the uniform of the personnel, so that the uniform stays as white after the contact with the clips as it has been before. We check the purity of the clips on our manufacturing facility manually in white gloves.

Among the products manufactured by our company are elastic and non-elastic nets of different knitting types, colors and calibers. 

Nets are used for sticking onto fibrous casings as well. Finally we get the casing called “Net-Casing” which is well liked by our clients in Russia and abroad.

Two years ago “Logos” started hog casings sorting, in the beginning of 2016 we started to sort beef casings. Natural casing imported to Russia has become very expensive, while in Russia cattle breeding and slaughtering are in progress now, that’s why meat-processing market has switched to a natural casing, produced in Russia. There is a sufficient amount of hog casings in Russia. Therefore our demand for runners support Russian manufacturers of meat and increase their profitability.

We have been right in time when starting this business. Now we are ready with the project to double the productive capacity of our natural casings sorting facility.

Challenging work aspect in our company is the production of a paraffin-based protective covering for cheese-making and meat-processing.

Paraffin of different colors is used by the number of our clients for premium sausage lines. Sausages in snow-white paraffin are easy on the eyes. This covering is not expensive but very attractive for the buyers who can easily choose it on the shop shelves by color.

Not long ago we have purchased loops knitting machines to be the next logic step after the starting of clips manufacturing.

We are very proud of export sales progress. It is very pleasant for us, as for any other manufacturer, that the quality of our products is well appreciated not only in Russia but also abroad. We are exporting a range of products from our assortment. The main clients are situated in Europe and in South America. Now we are planning to expand into new markets.

During the period of currency fluctuations export sales helped much the company to work successfully and not to stop new projects.

Our manufacturing facility is certified by ISO and HACCP systems, all raw materials pass strict incoming control, there are high requirements applied for the quality of the products.

We have extensive plans for the future: to double natural casings manufacturing, to start the production of loops and to finally master the whole assortment of them.

We move forward together with our partners – clients and suppliers!


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