Our LOGOPAK loops

Most recently our company started the manufacturing line for the production of LOGOPAK loops under TU No., used for automatic clippers. LOGOPAK loops are manufactured on automatic machines by ultrasonic bolding of a ready-made polypropylene loops onto a polypropylene tape. All this being a logical and subsequent step after the starting of LOGOCLIP manufacturing line as a clip and a loop together are a "dynamic duo" for any clipper.

The characteristics and advantages of LOGOPAK loops are as follows:

1. More favourable price for a client, as loops are home-made (Russia).

2. Minimal terms of delivery. The product is always in stock not only in Saint-Petersburg and in Moscow but also in Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Rostov-on-Don, Astana (Kazakhstan).

3. Minimal terms of manufacturing. Thanks to availability in one manufactring facility of sufficient quantity of manufacturing lines and warehouse facilities for their production.

Our company is subsequently making the substitution of the products by high-quality analogue positions, import-substituting products. Among them there are well-known abroad Beckdorin film, LOGOPAK positions in assortment, LOGOCLIP and now LOGOPAK loops, which are on par with import analogues but at a more favourable price.


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