Innovative film material by KREHALON

Film materials have been polular as packing materials for food products for a long time. Nowadays it is one of the most technological kinds of packing combining high barrier qualities, strength, ergonomics, transparency, which allows to demonstrably represent the product. In this respect a new film material appearance in the market attracts a natural interest of the consumers along with application technologies of such a material.

In 2016 KREHALON company as our exclusive partner represented an absolutely innovative packing for chilled meat - precisely thermoshrinkable bags and films for flowvac SSL machines (meaning secondary seal hermetization). This  new technology has a great impact on the existing approach to packing of chilled meat and creates multiple opportunities for meat-processing plants.

To produce this revolutionary type of packing a special sealing layer is used. It lets 2 inner layers wityhe help of vacuum pressure and shkinkage heat to seal together and to avoid deformation and packing weakening.

The changeover for SSL™ materials let the manufacturers:

- improve the apperance of the end product, because the packing stays tough during the whole term of storage,

- decrease the quality of such liquids as blood and juice stay inside meat,

- significantly prolong the terms of storage.

At the same time you can use standard packing equipment and do not need any additional investment.

Now SSL™ technology is sweeping the market of chilled meat in EU, Australia, Latin America, Russia. In Russia it has already attracted an attention of large suppliers of beef and pork as a serious alternative to standard thermoshrinkable metarials.


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